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Photo Hack Day 4

Photo Hack Day 4 An expeditionary force from the Republic made the trek down to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park for Photo Hack Day 4.
Photo Hack Day 4 Facebook has a wall for all to doodle upon. And a camera to watch what you were doodling! Please Note: Due to technical limitations, Facebook Wall posts cannot be deleted. Thank you.
Photo Hack Day 4 "Yo dawg, we heard you like walls...."
Photo Hack Day 4 Hackers Gonna Hack.
Photo Hack Day 4 From our table, we were constantly reminded that “Fortune Favors the Bold” and to “Move Fast and Break Things.” Mabel would love to have the Fortune poster; Alex wants one that says “ Fortune Favors the Condensed.”
Photo Hack Day 4 We donned the traditional neon hoodie garb of the Republic to aid recognition. Call it a user affordance.
Photo Hack Day 4 Helping Andreas with the Mozaify app, in front of the Focus poster...which is out of focus. (in)Focus: ironic juxtapostion as catalyst towards a dialectical of the essential tensions of the predominant social media. Oh wait, that's just a fingerprint smudge on the iPhone camera. I was eating nachos earlier, sorry.
Photo Hack Day 4 Ninjas don't need sleep. This is what we learned at Photo Hack Day.
Photo Hack Day 4 By 3am, the earnest resolutions to eat healthy food gave way to the reality of ubiquituous free candy.
Photo Hack Day 4 Yuki & Mabel stayed up all night designing! [Not Pictured: Alex]
Photo Hack Day 4 Amateurs bring their own mouse. Professionals bring their own mouse pads.
Photo Hack Day 4 Hack Complete. Group gathering at the courtyard on Sunday after hack submissions at noon. We were being herded off to another part of the Facebook campus for the hack demos & prizes.
Photo Hack Day 4 Socializing with new friends.
Photo Hack Day 4 This is what we look like with no sleep.

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